Product data optimisation with ChannelPilot

Product data optimisation

Analyse and optimise your product data to get maximum results.

Produktdaten Optimierung

The ChannelPilot tool helps online retailers with generating high-quality product data in order to product positioning on all marketing channels and portals. 

The complexity of product feeds has grown enormously over the course of time, intelligent feed management is at the heart of successful product data marketing, leads to long-term cost savings, more traffic and higher relevance of your products on all channels.

It is crucial that individual data feeds are always up-to-date and have a high data quality that meets the specific requirements of search engines, marketplaces or comparison sites. Incomplete data feeds not only costs you money, but also reduces the visibility of your products.

With the ChannelPilot Suite, you can prepare your product data feeds, clean them as well as presenting your products optimally and thus, exploit all the potentials of your entire product data.


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Dynamic Pricing

Adjust prices automatically by keeping track of price trends and automatically change your prices accordingly. This happens within a fixed boundaries that you determine yourself.

Price calculation

Determine prices on over 100 marketplaces and 1600 price comparison sites all over the world. In addition, prices of 3rd party systems such as recommendation engines can be determined. This enables online retailers to calculate their optimal prices.

Dynamic Repricing

Successfully manage your prices fully automatically by using ChannelPilot's dynamic repricing. Always keep one step ahead of the competition by calculating and automatically optimising prices with the help of ChannelPilot's Dynamic pricing.

Fast processing Speed

Discover new potentials and set prices intelligently with the help of our data, for example, surveys and analyses that are processed and displayed in real time. This is made possible by updating Im- and exports every minute.

Preconfigured modules

Intelligently reprice your products with ChannelPilot's dynamic pricing by using a set of preconfigured modules that help you making decisions both manually and automatically for example modules for; price groups. article overview and product repricing.

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